Cities We Slept

  • Altenstadt

  • Köln

  • Cochem

  • Rüdesheim

  • Münich

  • Garmisch

  • Bertchesgaden

  • Frankfurt

Favorite Foods

  • CJ - Bratwurst and schnitzel

  • Brandi - Braun Brot

  • Blake - Pastries

  • Mikah - Doner Kabab

  • Phoenix - Jelly filled Berliners

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Mikah and Blake graduated the summer of 2018.  We really wanted to be able to give them the senior trip of their choice.  Lucky for us they both wanted to go to the same place!  They have a deep love for German history so naturally, that's where they picked to go!  It took us about two years to save the money and plan out the perfect trip.


 We really wanted to be in country for a solid 14 days not including flight time.  Our plan was to backpack instead of having regular luggage.  It worked beautifully!  So much so that that is the way we always travel now. 

Backpacking Germany



A walk through the German countryside

So a visit to the small town of  Cochem is an enchanting must.

Cochem Castle

Quaint, quiet, and absolutley authentic

phe in garmisch.JPG

Sitting on top of the World

Garmisch ropes course and zip lining over the Olympic Stadium,

The Köln Dom in Cologne, Germany

Köln Dom

The architectural marvel that is a must see

Where ever this track takes us we are al

Trains and Such

How public transportation made our travel super easy

Schools Hohenschwangau (Hohenschwangau C

Fairytales and Rain Storms

One minute there was the sun, in the next moment the clouds broke

Urban Surfing🙌🏻_._._This is one of the

Culture, history, and river surfing

Is it possible to fall into a storybook

Coming Soon

Memories are funny things....they can tr

Coming Soon


Heart wrenching and solemn The Holocaust History

Never stop having fun!  Moments like the

Coming Soon

I could seriously talk about Germany for

Coming Soon

Münich Experience


Burg Eltz