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7 Of us and One BIG World

When it comes to adventure we want it all! Or at least that is what is said around our household. We are the Father's family and there are 7 of us. The very beginning feels like so long ago, yet in the very same thought it feels like just a blink of an eye. CJ and I met just as we were both stepping into adulthood. That was 20 years ago!

I was hooked at first sight and knew he was meant to be mine. He took a little more persuasion, and I grew on him with my awesome cooking skills! CJ is our rock and our marriage is the foundation of our family. He loves football, specifically the Seahawks, and traveling. He currently owns a successful mortgage branch and supports all of our dreams. Though I will admit that the traveling full time dream will take a bit more convincing. It's a huge dream with a big commitment but I know that we will make it happen! I am the dreamer with a passion for art, photography, and travel. I am the eternal optimist that has "great ideas" that normally turn into really big projects...CJ will attest to that!

The first adventure life threw at us was a buy one get one free special! For the price of one pregnancy we were blessed with two identical boys. Now 18, Blake (the oldest by 12 min) and Mikah are dying to get their hands on any form of adventure they can! Snowboarding, wake boarding, long boarding, and skateboarding are their passions until they get a chance at the ocean. Then it's all about surfing! From a very young age I haven't been able to keep them out of the trees or off of the roof. So it's no surprise that Mikah is a high rise window cleaner in Seattle right now! Blake is a total free spirit and would be complete living on a beach and teaching surf lessons!

Three years later our one and only daughter joined our tribe, blessing us with a perfect combination of sweetness and sass. She is intelligent and witty, loves animals, photography, and music. She is making high school look easy with her straight A average. She makes the perfect little mother and is always ready to step in and help out.

3 years later our Thayden arrived...see a trend? He is our sports kid! Loves Football and basketball and tolerates the whole family's desire for him to wrestle. Mikah and Blake were State wrestlers so we all kind of fell in love with the sport. He is a wealth of sports knowledge and rattles off facts daily. Currently Thayden is our middle schooler and prides himself on competing with Phe for the highest A.

Boston rounds out our tribe of 7. Bet you can't guess when he was born...yup three years post Thayden! He came into the world like a hurricane. He and I had a rough start and scared a lot of loved ones but we were strong and we are here! "No longer the baby," he says, he will be 9 next month...Like I said a blink of an eye. He tends to be a homebody and needs a bit more persuasion than the other 4 when it comes to adventurous living. However once he gets started there is no stopping him! He is a sweet boy and holds his own as the youngest. He is never afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks and has a way of getting his way with everyone. Our last trip not only did he talk his way into the captain's seat of the plane, but managed to get himself onto Jamaican live radio! He is definitely the life of the party!

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