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The Cherry on Top

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Let me take you back two years.....

Yes we have been known to be rather spontaneous. Particularly to those around us. However the part of the story that most people miss is that with big trips like this one, have been in the works for more like years rather than weeks. So spontaneity is all relative.

I believe that once upon a time I was even called fickle. I am not sure however that fickle was the right word to describe my actions. Capricious and whimsical feel more correct to me. Indicative of a sudden change of notion. More so however I am easily inspired. Being this way I tend to be the driver of our adventures in the beginning.

I attribute this to my extremely curious nature, strong creative tendencies, and a thirst for learning and knowledge that I can't seem to suppress.

I was up early one extremely bleak and dreary morning in our Pacific North West home. Swaddled up in brightly colored kantha quilts and taking up residence on our brilliant blue tufted couch. I should mention that I tend to be a very early riser. Some of my best inspiration comes to me in the quiet moments of early twilight.

I was scrolling Facebook for some warmth and light on this gloomy morning. Dream traveling being a favorite past time of mine. I was trying to suffice my hunger for travel knowing that we were in the throes of the rainy season. Normally I don't mind too much, but it had already been a very wet winter this year.

Swipe up, scroll, swipe up, scroll, WAIT! WAIT! What was that? A video of the most spectacular hotel room that I had ever laid eyes on. It was one of those ones that makes you question it's authenticity. So beautiful that it couldn't possibly really exist. Clad in the purest white. Adorned with light and sapphire blue. The view

to the outside went on forever. An expanse of ocean as far as the eye could see. Below there were glistening white buildings embellished with beautiful blue domes that concealed the island hillside beneath. By now I am sure that you have put the pieces together and painted the landscape in which I speak in your mind.

If you hold the image of the stunning gem of Santorini in your mind then I have done my job.

The room that was displayed was a masterpiece in it's own right. Complete with it's own private pool of tranquility, the water glowing with the radiance of a turquoise jewel. The most magical part was the secret entrance that began in the bathroom. The video showcased the traveler swimming up a glowing corridor to the infinity pool that over looked the breathtaking view of the island. Now here is where I am a sucker for whimsy and enchantment. I was hooked and planning a getaway before I even knew the name of this splendid place! This fairy tale room just leaped all the way to the top of my romance bucket list.

Don't get me wrong I love to travel with our kids. The quality time spent with them mixed in with being witness to their experiences in the world while gaining knowledge and love for the cultures is reason enough to travel with your kids. If you don't already you should. That being said a romantic getaway sprinkled in the mix is not only necessary, but it is the cherry on top of a strong and healthy marriage. (in my humble opinion) This my friends was going to be incredible, so long as I could get CJ on board.

So I did what I do and I dove deep into the internet searching for this epic dream destination. After some digging I unearthed the location and name of the hotel. I quickly realized that there were only two of these rooms in the entire hotel, and yup you guessed it they book out years in advance. Honeymooners man, they get all the perks!

If there is one thing that I have learned in almost 20 years of marriage, it's that going in with a plan is the best avenue when approaching a husband with a request like this. So I devised a plan.

1. Research the best time of year to visit Santorini

2. Research hotel prices, popularity, and availability

3. Price out flight at the approximate time of year for travel

4. Write out a plan and finish it off with a very endearing love filled sales pitch :)

Fast forward two years........

My awesome plan worked and is about to commence! CJ and I will be leaving Saturday evening. Boarding a plane from Seattle and heading to London to catch a connecting flight into Rome. We will be staying in Rome for three nights. We will then hop on a flight over to Santorini where we will finally be the honeymoon travelers residing in one of those enchanting rooms. We will be there for 3 nights and then return to Rome for one more before flying back to Seattle.

To say that I am over the moon for the chance to visit the Eternal City and to live the fairy tale on Santorini that was created in my mind just two years ago would be the understatement of the century! What can you expect from me? Amazing images depicting everything we see and a new treasure trove of stories, tips, and suggestions for these two incredible destinations!

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