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The Dream of Time Travel

An early morning walk through the German countryside of Altenstadt proved to be one of the most touching moments of my life. I (Brandi) waited 22 years for this moment. A dream that was planted as a seed in my teenage years. To one day bring my future family to this tiny little farm town that I once called my home. This town that shaped my teenage years and ignited my spirit. Where I learned who I was and contemplated who I would become. Altenstadt, the home forever etched in my soul.

On this particular journey it was Cj, Blake, Mikah,and Phoenix who joined me. The little boys were still a bit young for a trip this big. We would be in Germany backpacking for a little over two weeks. The first stop was my home town, Altenstadt.

I wanted to share with my family the home of my stories. The ones they had been raised on. I wanted them to see the beautiful rolling hills. To witness the quaintness and the authenticity of a town, that to this day is still was untouched by modern buildings and the hustle and bustle of modern life. I wanted to open their eyes to what a village feels like. The closeness of neighbors who become life long friends. I wanted them feel the adventures to be had by running wild through the orchards and fields from sun up to sun down. I wanted them to smell the fresh air with the hint of alfalfa in the wind.

We awoke early to make our way to my old village from the small bed and breakfast where we had slept the night before. We made our way through the small town center which consists of one main street with shops, a bank, a beautiful bakery, and a single small grocery store. We stopped to grab a small breakfast from the bakery. The smells of homemade rustic bread wafting in the air as we passed by drew us in. Impossible to resist! We fumbled our way through the order in broken German. Slowly, remnants of language from my childhood would soon start to creep back.

Making our way towards the backside of the town we walked through the quiet and sleepy village that used to be my home. It was like stepping back in time. I had feared that I wouldn't be able to navigate my way to my old house because so much would have changed that I wouldn't recognize my surroundings. That couldn't have been further from the truth. I was able to remember exactly how to get to my old house. Nothing had changed! It was like everything had been frozen in time! Beautiful just the way I remembered it.

As I came up to the home where I had lived so long ago my eyes became misty. The memories of growing up came rushing back. To be honest the mist turned into a flood of rushing tears that I could no longer control. Tears streaming down my face,

I couldn't believe that I was standing here, my family at my side. Cj embraced my hand for comfort as I tried to pull myself together. For so long I had dreamed of sharing this with them. So dear to my heart, my little town of Altenstadt, still perfect in every way.

We walked the fields and the streets that day as I revisited memories. Sharing stories that seemed like yesterday to me. Describing all the places that my friends and I would play. It was so incredible to tell them as they stood in the places that I had been. I will never forget this gift of a morning. I will never forget the feeling of stepping back in time to share moments from my life in a setting so unchanged. I hope to go back one day in the near future to share this with our youngest two, Thayden and Boston. So that they too can share this piece of me.

Walking through the back fields of Altenstadt, Germany
A walk down memory lane


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