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Boruca Village Christmas

Bringing a little bit of joy to an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica

We were so excited that on this adventure there were 9 Wandering Backpacks instead of 7. We added two to our traveling clan for this journey down to Uvita, Costa Rica! Jessie and Carissa are friends of Blake and Mikah.

With plans set we began putting feelers out for the group that would need our help this Christmas. We were so blessed to have an amazing host at our Airbnb set us on the path of the most amazing woman! He told us about Lourdes and the Christmas party that she puts on for the children of the tribe every year. She is a master artisan who creates the most beautiful Boruca tribal masks that she sells to help support the tribe. Due to Covid-19 the funds for them have been very low, so she needed some help this year. There are over 280 kids and their families who were expected to attend!

Naturally we knew that this was where the 7 Wandering Backpacks were needed this time! We began communication with Lourdes (with a lot of help from google translate LOL). We learned that the children had never seen or tasted apples or grapes before, due to them being expensive and not regularly available. "This will be a special treat for them," she said. She was short on the funding for the meal as well. So plans commenced for sending the money in advance so that they could place the order for the food. Now we know that this was definitely meant to be, because the way that things flowed and came together in such short time was incredible. We had about 4 days to get the money wired internationally, and the food ordered, so that it could be picked up and then driven about 4 hours to the Boruca went seamlessly!

Still feeling the need to do more we asked "What else can we help with?" Come to find out there were 15 children still left to be sponsored at for the gift giving. There are people who help by buying the gifts that Santa will be handing out at the party for each of the children. So all 15 it would be!! We knew we wouldn't make sense to take the items from Seattle down to Uvita and planned to shop local while we were there.

The first day in country Rick, our host, drove with us about 2 hours to the village. He wanted to introduce us to Lourdes so that we could hear her story. What a wonderful lady she is! She not only helps support the children of the village with her amazing talents, she also takes the role of women's rights activist! She has taught the women how to create and paint the masks also, how to market their good and services, and how to support their families. This has led to the opportunities for not only survival but thriving. Several of their children are on their way to being able to go to college! The loving energy and protective heart she carries just radiated from within her being. We were honored to be able to spend the afternoon with her. Thank goodness Rick was there to translate for us!

A few days later we set out to do the shopping for the kids. It was an amazing experience and so fun. We divided into 3 groups of three, divided the children's names among us, and set out in the small town of Palmar Norte. Clothes, toys, and 153 bubble wands filled our arms! Back to the house to be organized and wrapped. The bonding that took place will forever connect us.

few days later we were honored to attend the party! So much joy, so much love, so many memories! We were the ones who were truly touched and changed by this experience. In our hearts always. There were smiles, giggles, and so many bubbles! Santa was the star and Lourdes had poured her heart and soul into her people. Music and the energy of dancing filled the air and provided the canvas for lifelong friendships!

Forever grateful we are to be on a path that places us in the lives of such beautiful souls.

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