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School Fundraising Campaign

Frida and Joanne
Frida's Family
Ivan, Allan, and Amon
Allan and Amon
Ivan, Allan, Amon, Joanne
Beautiful Reflection
Just hangin out

Meet Frida, Ivan, Allan, Amon, and Joanne. Frida is the mother of four children with albinism. However, they are not her only children. She is the sole provider for all 7 of her children. She also had an oldest daughter that brought that number to 8. Sadly the man who fathered the children has been involved in a group of people who track down and hunt children with albinism. His intent was to take, use, and sell the body parts of his own children for monetary gain.


Previously Frida's oldest daughter was tracked and tortured. The assailants lead by her own father, wanted the location of Frida and her children with albinism. She was found brutally beaten. She gave her life to save her mother and siblings, never giving up their location.


These 4 beautiful souls are the highest risk children of the WACWAU group, not only because of their father hunting them, but now Frida has fallen very ill. She has farmed to support her children thus far, but is now bedridden due to her illness. Every year these 4 have to be placed in a special boarding school for their safety and protection for the entirety of the school year. All of them have shown great promise in their classes in previous years. Ivan the oldest is entering secondary school.  Allan and Amon are twins, and Joanne is the youngest. Their education is of the utmost importance as this is how they are able to rise above their circumstances.

This is the time of year that school begins in Uganda and we are trying to raise funds to help this family by covering the schooling fees, uniforms, and supplies for this school year. The total cost is $1000 for all 4 of them combined. We are hoping to get them into school as soon as possible, as this is where they are the most safe.

Please help us make a difference in the lives of this family! Make a donation of your choice below. No amount is too little as it all adds up.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration and generosity.

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Everyone deserves a chance to learn and to be safe.

Image by Erik Mclean

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