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We are The Fathers Family

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

     Just your average family of 7 who likes to do really cool things together! Between all of us, we have a bucket list a mile long and we are determined to spend a lifetime checking things off.  Family is so important to us and we can't think of a better way to bond than to travel and adventure together.  After all, it's not just the really cool things in life that sculpt who you are, but it's also the stresses of growing and coming head to head with new challenges. We have found passion and purpose serving those in need that are placed on our path. Our desire to inspire and touch the lives of others has ignited a flame within us that we hope creates a fire for others to follow.  Learning to grow and develop together is a key part of the life we are trying to create. We hope that our journey creates a spark in those who are touched by our stories.

In order by age... 


CJ, leader of the tribe, is an amazing father and a business owner...his generosity fund's all of our adventures. He Loves to travel and is a financial genius. He has a soft heart and lives to touch the lives of others. He strives to educate others in how to build a strong foundation and create a bright future for others. He truly is a pillar of strength.


Shai, is the original founder and Executive Director of this dream. Typically she is the voice behind our posts. She wears many hats that include but are not limited to artist, photographer, blogger, cook, energy healer, and doing her best to teach the kids leadership and compassion. She strives for the family to lead with their hearts and to know that all their dreams are possible!


Blake, our oldest...claimed that spot as he raced into this world ahead of his identical brother by 12 minutes.  Loves, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, photography and mans the GoPro. He lived abroad in the Philippines for close to a year. That experience solidified his drive to have purpose and passion in life! He found himself in sacrificing for those in need that were placed on his path.


Mikah, entering the world literally at Blake's heals, loves snowboarding, surfing, and hanging from high buildings.  He is our resident Drone man! Mikah is highly driven and passionate about his interests. He has big dreams in seeing the world and sharing it with others. His kind heart and motivation inspires those around him.


Phoenix, the only girl stuck in the middle of all these boys, is Shai's right hand. She is our treasurer serving on our board of directors. She handles the behind the scene action as well as is an incredible help with organization and epic ideas. She helps create content and often stars in our videos, LOL. She loves animals and caring for them, has an immense amount of bravery and an adventurous heart. She also helps all of us stay in line with our goals.


Thayden, he's our sports guy! Football and basketball are his current joys in life. He is studying French and hopes that one of our adventures  will take us to Europe some day soon! He also has an intense love for sloths! A social butterfly at heart, he loves to experience new things and the adventures that the world has to offer. He helps out with the social media platforms. He and Phoenix can often be found joined at the hip.


Last but not least Boston, the baby of the tribe, is definitely the family clown and the life of the party.  He is not afraid to talk to anyone or afraid to try anything.  He has been known to sweet talk his way into plane cockpits and onto radio stations! He is just starting to find himself as a middle schooler. He has a tender heart, is compassionate and sensitive to others around him. He loves playing Shai's handpan and very much enjoys swimming.




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" The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new" ~Socrates

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