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Shai Fathers

Founder and Executive Director


Raised as a military child, Shai fell in love with traveling the world at a young age. She was immersed in history, nature, and many cultures during her growing years. This led her to passionately teach her own family how important it is to be connected to the world around you. Not just be in it, but to learn from it, to understand your place in it, and to embrace it. 

Shai has a genuine approach to compassion and has been compelled to touch lives through conservation and humanitarian work. She believes "You can create great change in the world through the action of a genuine and passionate heart." 

Shai's favorite things to do include being in nature and connecting with others through conversation and story telling. She engages others through her artistic abilities in painting, drawing, photography, and writing. All of which she uses her inspiration from nature to help others see the beauty of the world through her creative eye.

Her hope with non-profit work is to educate and inspire others to how expansive and rich our world and her peoples are. That by opening up our hearts to lift the lives of others in need we can we can truly be a force of change.

Artwort by Shai

The Lighthouse
Alcohol Ink Tree Frog
Betta Peony
Octopus Floral Collage
Zen Tiki
Serene Family
Sacred Willow

Explore. Connect. Inspire

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7 Wandering Backpacks is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax ID number 87-4212072

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