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Boston Fathers

Boston has grown up in Washington State and has been the recipient of our adventure lifestyle since he arrived into this world. He arrived in 2010 as the baby of the family. He is independent and a decisive thinker who always knows what he wants. He has a fiery personality and has never been shy about claiming that he should have been the first one born.


He loves to play soccer and currently attends middle school. School comes easily for him. He is also currently serving as one of his school's ambassadors. He and other members of the Ambassador Team take  the leadership roles within the        school and help support the student body. His favorite subject    is math. Balancing out well, Boston also has a knack for            drawing, painting, and likes to  build things.

When asked what his favorite project is, he will tell you it's our Project Feed the Bears one. His favorite adventure so far has been traveling to Costa Rica. His current ambition is to become a professional soccer player!

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