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Blake Fathers


Blake has a passion driven ability to get his hands dirty while pursuing what he feels his purpose is. He is a gentle soul with an ease about him making him incredibly relatable. Blake isn't afraid to try new things, he definitely has an adventurous heart. No matter the time or place, if it means pushing his boundaries, he will show up ready to dive in head first. He loves to snowboard, skate, surf, rock climb and hike with his akita, Riya. He is the oldest of the Fathers children, a title he earned with his 12 minute arrival ahead of Mikah. 

Blake was introduced to teachings early in his life that trained him to think outside of himself. Seeing a world without boundaries, he gravitates towards service and lifting others up. Leaning into the philosophy of creating within the self in order to expand his reality. " I am willing to do whatever it takes to help teach love and compassion for life to everyone around me." 

This bright soul left the family home at the age of 19 to serve the people of the Philippines. He spent just under a year teaching and serving the beautiful people of the southern most region. A favorite experience he had was learning the Cebuano language. "It allowed me to connect with others on a much deeper level." He still practices speaking when he can. He seeks out others to practice with, not wanting to loose the language over time. This path took Blake away from the culture, family, friends, food, and language that he had always known. This experience was life defining for him. He came to a place of understanding that there are many people in the world. Most of them don't have the upbringing filled with the positivity and love that he grew up with. He wants everyone to know opportunity, to feel loved, and to believe that there are always positive things waiting to be found. 


Blake has no fear about putting himself out there. He is always searching for the next adventure. He looks forward to pursuing the art of learning more languages, immersing himself into the cultures of the world, and bringing his compassion for the lives of others to a whole new level with the 7 Wandering Backpacks. "I'm stoked for the future and where we are heading!"

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Winter Surf
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