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Phoenix Fathers

Founder and Treasurer

Life as the only girl tucked into the middle of a large family, consisting of all brothers, is not always an easy one. It did however, provide the environment Phoenix needed to learn how to excel and set herself apart. She developed skills in management, organization, self-confidence, and the drive needed to achieve anything she sets her mind to. She thrives in chaos, describes herself as a chameleon, blending beautifully where ever she lands.


She embraced self teaching at an early age. Excelling in all areas of school. She is particularly advanced in math and has an uncanny wit about her that allows words to paint as she writes. She graduated high school with honors attached to both her diploma and associates degree. 

Phoenix has an enthusiasm to expand her mind in whatever flows her way. Dipping her toes into as many experiences as she can, she finds ways to challenge herself through drawing, photography, poetry, and music expression.


"Changing one's perspective through experiencing the world encourages growth. This is a large goal for my life. The world offers us many opportunities to do so. Traveling and being immersed in it is my favorite way to accomplish these goals."  From a young age Phoenix embraced the idea of helping animals and humanity on a personal level. Phoenix lives in the pursuit of seeing people smile. Happiness elevates her world. By expanding herself within purpose, she touches the lives of many with her radiant light. Spend twenty minutes with her, she will leave a mark. 

Problem solving is a gift Phoenix enjoys. She employs it in working with what she is given, while drawing on compassion, patience, and pure grit. She is constantly offering support within the organization as a master of chaos. 

Her favorite project with 7WB is the orphaned black bear cubs sponsored at PAWS Wildlife Center. This project is extremely personal for her. She witnessed the cubs first hand in the wild before they were tragically orphaned. The food support for the cubs was then purchased at her place of work, giving her a big piece of the project. 


She has recently opened up about a piece of her life that she will not allow to control her. Instead, she embraces the challenge, allowing it to help define her. She uses it as a platform for strength and resilience. At the age of 12 she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that targets her eyes. She was told she was legally blind, with the possibility of complete blindness if left untreated. At such a critical time in a child's life she embodied a wisdom far beyond her physical years, impressing the medical community with her aptitude and fortitude. After many years of trial and error, streams of tears, and hundreds of hours spent in doctor appointments, she has control of her vision. "Nothing should be able to keep you from your dreams, I am on to bigger and better things!"

As one of the founders and the treasurer of 7 Wandering Backpacks, Phoenix aspires to spread their story and mission, through connection and inspiration. Reminding humanity that we are stewards of our planet and we are all ONE.

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7 Wandering Backpacks is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax ID number 87-4212072

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