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Thayden Fathers

Founder/Social Media Support

Thayden brings a light and a humor to the group that is unique and fun. He has thought processes that are intricate and intellectual. He was influenced at a young age to what it takes to work hard and persevere to reach a goal. He also was immersed in what it means to show up for yourself through dedication and hard work. He began wrestling as a 6 year old. His ability to be coachable and to show up ready to work quickly moved him from a beginner to a contender at the district level of the sport. Throughout his growing years he has used those paramount skills to excel in various sports including football and basketball. He always stands out as the hardest worker, even if he isn't in the spotlight. Showing his resilience and perseverance.

School comes easy to him. He has the most interest in chemistry and math. He says that those just make sense and you can always count on the rules staying the same. He is interested in 

learning about a wide range of things including the ins and outs of working on cars. His mind is like a never ending bank that stores information, it's quite beautiful. He also has an affinity for shoes and music, and is constantly thinking outside the box for ways he can become an entrepreneur. This young man has a big heart and a laid back personality. Thayden is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making things happen for himself or those he loves. He has a want to see the world and a drive to experience the people in it. 

He says traveling helps him let go of some of the stresses in life. Giving him the opportunity to let go of the day to day and experience other realities. He loves trying the food anywhere he lands. Not afraid to try anything, he quickly adds it to his selection of things he tries to help cook at home. He is inspired by the cultures he comes into contact with, loving the aspect of immersing himself and blending in. He is gifted in picking up languages as he began a dual language program in kindergarten. 

He especially loves Costa Rica and London. He loves to give back and help those in need because he can see how it really effects their lives. "It is essential to see outside of yourself and your everyday normal." "When you understand the world of others, that's when you can really understand the kind of impact you can actually have on the world."

His favorite project so far has been Christmas in the Boruca village, but he has really embraced working with the 7 Wandering Backpack cause to raise and support Albinism Awareness, jumping in to help whenever he can. He is excited for the future of 7WB. He believes that their dedication and hard work set them apart and have put them on the trajectory for success. If you ask, he will tell you, "We are just built different."

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