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Mikah Fathers


Mikah has a fearless heart. He has used his 22 years of life to set himself apart as an individual. Seeking his own identity through interests and experiences while being an identical twin. His current loves are riding and rebuilding motorcycles, snowboarding, and creating with calligraphy writing styles. He is a creative and driven individual, always seeking to add to his foundation of knowledge. 

He went to several schools growing up giving him a feel for diversity and cultures outside of his own. He was also introduced early to travelling outside of the United States which further expanded his views of the world. "I love traveling because I get to experience unique places have the chance to see how other cultures differ from my own."

Mikah has a genuine heart and seeks to bring new opportunities to those who don't have the means to do so. He says that being put in various regions has opened his eyes to the needs of society and has helped him recognize the importance of connection. He has been developing the skills needed to understand the perspectives of others in order to communicate from the soul.

Uvita, Costa Rica and the Boruca tribe hold an exclusive place in Mikah's heart. "To be welcomed into a community nestled in the rainforest, while experiencing a complete language barrier, was incredible!"

"I enjoy being a part of something bigger than myself."


These exposures, along with relocating away from everything and everyone he knew to start his future, have defined him so far in his life. He has gained confidence in his independence, finding a sense of who he is and who he wants to become. Simultaneously a new understanding that supportive friends and family really make a difference in how life is experienced.

This young man has an affinity to chase his dreams while travelling the world finding new ways to help others achieve theirs. As one of the founders of 7 Wandering Backpacks he hopes to inspire others to come together, to reach beyond their comfort zone, and to find the strength to do things that they never thought they could!

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