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PAWS Rehibilitation Center

Growing pains inspire a much needed expansion

It's funny how connections are made. From one unsuspecting moment of inspiration another seems to project right out in front of us, literally becoming a project! When Phoenix and I witnessed a mama black bear teaching her cubs to swim in the Wenatchee River we had no idea how the next month would unfold. (To read more about their story hop over to Project Feed the Bears)

That being said the emotion from those events let us to being introduced to Andi from PAWS. She is the head of philanthropy for the organization. She so graciously offered to take us onsite to their new Wildlife Center that is currently under construction. After years of hard work, planning, and fundraising, a beautiful 25-acre site off Highway 9 in Snohomish will house the 4600 sq ft. facility that will rehabilitate all wildlife. No matter the size, big or small, earth walkers, creatures or the sky, or water dwellers, all be included. Treatment rooms, a surgery suite, flying track for raptors (birds of prey) and large outdoor enclosures that will help facilitate self denning during the winter hibernation months of our dear black bears are just a portion of their beautiful plan.

So where does 7 Wandering backpacks come in on this project? So glad you asked! In the works is the future site of their aquatic portion of the facility. This will include seal and aquatic bird enclosures. We decided that our contribution would be to help add the much needed above ground pools that help provide safety, stability, and adaptation for the aquatic creatures in their healing processes. The facility is scheduled to open the second quarter of 2023, but will be open for open house touring starting in May and June.

We were so inspired by the work that PAWS offers all animals. We could see when we took the bear food to their Lynnwood facility, that they desperately needed the space that the new facility will provide.

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