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Summit Assistance Dogs

Supporting the dreams of Summit Assistance Dogs

Dogs have always been close to our hearts. Both CJ and Shai grew up with dogs. The 7 Wandering Backpacks kids have also had dogs in the home from the time the twins were born. Not only have they been in the home, but everyone has been hands on through training, breeding, raising, loving, and caring for many dogs through the years.

When we came across Summit Assistance Dogs in Anacortes, WA it was a no brainer for us. The organization breeds, raises, trains, and pairs the selected service dogs with humans in need due to the inability to be fully mobile on their own. The dogs are trained to fill in the gaps by retrieving items, turning switches off and on, opening and closing doors, as well as many other helpful tasks.

We reached out to find out how we could get involved. Sue responded to us immediately and explained that they had a massive building project in the works. The facility is to include 3 separate buildings. A canine condo to include birthing suites, rooms for expectant mothers to whelp and the space for growing and training pups. The second building is the training and administrative building will be the hub for all things educational, for both people and dogs. The third is set to be the client lodge. Full accommodations for their clients and their dogs.

Sue invited us up to tour the facility and to show us around. The first building, the canine condo, was the one that was being built at the time. They have worked so hard on planning and raising the funds. The pandemic was incredibly hard on the project brining it to a complete standstill as well as an unfortunate fire that occurred a few days before our arrival. Our hearts were invested! Their dream and mission are incredible, their program sincere and heartfelt. We are so grateful to be able to offer what we can to help.

The end of our visit was a real treat as we got to play with some amazing little puppies! Who can turn that down? It was an amazing experience. We shared stories, dreams, and made some incredible new friends. It was a great day!

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